Detailed electric monitoring

The system tracks the in-depth usage of energy, including heating, cooling, lighting, and specific high usage equipment. Some buildings monitor hundreds of loads every fifteen seconds. It provides comprehensive interactive graphs, learns the usage patterns and assists in identifying waste in both total usage and individual loads.


Automated, intelligent HVAC control

The I'm in Control system takes control of multiple roof top units, often ten to twenty for a building. Their simple, old-style programmable thermostats have been limited to time-based programs. The I'm in Control algorithms adjust temperature and fans dynamically every minute, taking into account outside temperature, occupancy, zone characteristics, and interactions with other zones. This can result in ten to thirty percent reduced energy usage alone.

The I'm in Control system is a cost effective, comprehensive, energy management solution for these smaller  buildings. With an initial capital investment paid back in one to two years, this product combines commercially available off the shelf hardware with I'm in Control's proprietary cloud-based software to manage and monitor energy usage. It reduces energy cost and maintenance cost, improves comfort, and provides environmental responsibility without impacting the day-to-day experience of customers and employees. The I'm in Control solution also enables facilities personnel to "set and forget it" and does not require extensive additional training.

Control of lighting, ventilation, and other equipment

Applying the same intelligent algorithms as used for HVAC, the system can provide equal or better safety and air quality at reduced cost, reaching as much as thirty percent reduction. 

Occupant and management control

Very simple, wizard-driven interfaces enable occupants and inexperienced office managers to adjust some control characteristics to increase comfort, incorporate off-hours meetings, and set up regular schedules such as classrooms. Limits on changes and personnel authorizations are defined during setup. 

Remote maintenance access and control

Maintenance personnel have full remote access to the building. All graphs of electric, HVAC and equipment activity are available real-time. With the proper security credentials, complete control of any equipment under the system's control is possible remotely 24 hours a day. Alerts are automatically generated for anomolous situations. Often a trouble ticket can be closed without a truck roll. This is particularly effective for "too hot" calls and premises with erratic occupancy schedules.

See a thermostat, change it

Thermostats can be enabled for change by occupants of that zone. Not only temperature, but fan and on/off can be allowed for environments where the HVAC unit is too noisy for some activities in that space. 

Integration with solar and storage

Local solar generation and energy storage is becoming a logical financial decision at many sites. Installing our system before their purchase will provide data to size the resource properly, forestalling uneconomic overgeneration, and select the most cost effective utility rate plan. When the resource is in production, our system's integration maximizes the return on investment.

Leak detection

Leaks are expensive – repair of equipment, restoration of the building shell, mold remediation, disruption of business, and liability claims. In widely-dispersed smaller buildings, a large leak can cause significant damage even overnight, and a slow leak in an unused room can continue undetected for weeks.  The iiLeakWatch feature detects a leak immediately and triggers actions and alerts which are customized for that specific leak.