I'm in Control ® reduces energy costs for buildings and leased spaces which don't have a current Building Management System ("BMS") -- typically under 100,000 square feet. These millions of buildings can't justify the BMS installed in larger structures, yet require results much greater than consumer or single-purpose commercial products can provide.

The sophisticated automatic control is done continuously by I'm in Control's unique highly intelligent control algorithms, which decide every moment how the building should be operating. Both comfort and savings are maximized for lighting, HVAC, and equipment, following your policies.

The entire solution is low cost. The product is software which is priced to achieve payback in one to two years by our customers of all sizes. The hardware devices are broadly available from multiple competitive sources.

Equally important, it is easy to install and use. Office managers and maintenance personnel will be able to decide on priorities and use it without specialized training -- truly "set and forget."

You can be in control if:

You are an owner, manager, or lessee
You have multiple buildings under 100,000 square feet
There is no Building Management System in those buildings


We enable you to:

Apply up to date control to these older buildings
Reduce energy cost
Reduce maintenance truck rolls
Identify and reduce physical plant problems
Reduce "too hot/cold" calls
Publicize your commitment to sustainability
Achieve 1-2 year payback on energy measures

Then for these buildings you can say I'm in Control of:

Energy cost
Occupant comfort
Maintenance time and scheduling
CO2 impact